SD Lambton Code of Conduct Overview

SD Lambton Code of Conduct for Athletes, Parents/Guardians, Coaches & Volunteers

The Non-Profit Association for SD Lambton is a community-oriented organization that sponsors persons with disabilities. We emphasize fun, fair play, and sportsmanship. Our mission is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities. To better achieve this goal all athletes, parents, guardians, coaches, volunteers and any other participants of SD Lambton must adhere to the code of conduct.

The Code of Conduct is a written contract between parents/guardians, coaches, volunteers, and our SD Lambton athletes. They are to abide by the rules and regulations as well as maintain and encourage sportsmanship. Parents / Guardians, Athletes, Coaches and Volunteers who wish to participate on teams sanctioned by SD Lambton are required to agree to this Code of Conduct. They must read, understand and be able to explain their responsibilities for the Code of Conduct. It should be understood that failure to respect this Code of Conduct or breach any part of is sufficient grounds for an individual to be withdrawn from an event or the organization and be sent home at their own expense. This will be at the discretion of the executive and/or President.

Athletes / Coaches

Athletes participate for fun and competition. They are there for physical fitness and to learn and develop the sport as well as to improve their skills. Athletes and Coaches are representatives of the club as well as the team, parents /guardians, and the community. They must maintain a high level of sportsmanship, and fair play at all times. They must show respect for everyone including officials, and opponents.

  1. Athletes and Coaches will participate within the rules of SD Lambton.
  2. Athletes and coaches are expected to arrive on time and be fully prepared with equipment for all events and training sessions.
  3. Athletes and coaches will display self-control in all situations and will not use foul language or abuse in any way, shape, or form at any given time before, during, or after an event or training session.
  4. Athletes will train and participate to the best of their ability, have respect for themselves as well as others and have a positive attitude encouraging others to do the same.
  5. Athletes will be trustworthy, honest compassionate, and honor obligations.
  6. Athletes shall perform to the best of their ability and accept with pride the result those efforts bring and be gracious in victory and defeat.
  7. Athletes and coaches will show respect towards officials and opponents and will not harass, abuse, or berate an official in any way, shape, or form for any reason.
  8. Athletes must abide by the curfew set by the team coaches and/or host organization committee.

Parents / Guardians / Volunteers

  1. Parents / Guardians / Volunteers have responsibilities to the coach, team, athletes, and the SD Lambton club that they are part of.
  2. Parents / Guardians / Volunteers must have respect for the executive, coaches, volunteers, officials, and athletes including their own and as well as visitors.
  3. Parents / Guardians / Volunteers shall not engage in behaviour that is disruptive, disrespectful, racist, abusive, sexist, dangerous, or criminal.
  4. Parents / Guardians / Volunteers will not harass abuse or berate the officials before, during, or after an event. They shall not access or go beyond any restricted areas without a coach’s permission.
  5. Parents / Guardians / Volunteers are expected to abide by Rules, Regulations and Guidelines put forth by SD Lambton and other organizations such as OSHA and Paralympic Sport.
  6. Parents / Guardians / Volunteers are encouraged to get involved with the organization and to promote our sports in a positive manner.
  7. Parents / Guardians / Volunteers must demonstrate the utmost in sportsmanship and integrity; they are role models for the athletes.
  8. Any damages to borrowed equipment, hotel rooms or other properties shall be assessed to the account of the Parent / Guardian / individual (coach, volunteer or any other)

Enforcement of the code of conduct

Responsibility for enforcement of this code of conduct shall reside with the executive/president of SD Lambton.

Enforcement Action. The executive of SD Lambton shall take whatever measures necessary to enforce the Code of Conduct, up to and including any of the following actions:

A/ Removal of an athlete/individual from the program due to his or her own failure to comply with this code of conduct;

B/ Removal of an athlete from the program due to the failure of his or her Parent/ Guardian to comply with Code of Conduct; or

C/ Dismissal of a Coach or volunteer from the program due to his or her own failure to comply with the Code of Conduct

I have read and agree to the above(Required)

Sarnia Ice Hawks Equipment Loan

SD Lambton has some equipment available to loan to athletes, for a hockey season. The loaned equipment will become the responsibility of the athlete for the duration of the hockey season.

Equipment Loaned(Required)
You may have the sled blades professionally sharpened as needed
You may tape sticks as you like

The above marked equipment, documented on this form, is being loaned with the following conditions:

  • The equipment is to be handled carefully, not subject to abuse, by the athlete.
  • If it is lost or damaged (beyond routine use) replacement costs will be the responsibility of the athlete.
  • Skate guards should be used to protect the sled blades.
  • Jerseys should be transported to and from the arena in the jersey bag only.
  • Jerseys should be washed after each use (cold water and hung to dry).
  • All equipment will be returned at the end of the hockey season.

It is the responsibility, of each athlete, to have the required equipment ready and available for each practice and game. This includes transporting your equipment to out of town games.*Athletes are required to have proper hockey protective equipment for all practices and games as well. If you are in need of something particular, please ask for assistance prior to the start of the season.

Concussion Awareness – Rowan’s Law

Please visit the following website: to familiarize yourself with the concussion awareness resources. Please note that policies, protocols, and procedures surrounding the health and safety of our athletes, in regard to suspected concussions, will be strictly adhered to by trainers and coaches.

Medical Information

Before a participates in a hockey program it is recommended that they have a medical and that they also have any medical condition or injury checked by their family physician.

Please check the appropriate response and provide details below if you answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions below.

I understand it is my responsibility to keep the team trainer advised of any change in the above information as soon as possible. In the event of a medical emergency and apparent/guardian can not be contacted the team will arrange to have the athlete taken to the hospital if deemed necessary. I authorize the medical staff to provide necessary treatment. I authorize the release of information to the appropriate people (coach, physician) as deemed necessary.

Personal information used, disclosed, secured, or retained will be held solely for the purposes for which we have collected it.

Registration Form


Parent/Guardian Contact (required if athlete is 18 years old and under. N/A if athlete is over 19 years old)

Emergency Contact (2nd contact after the parent, if applicable above)

Code of Conduct(Required)